Today is a good Day

« Today is a good Day » est un documentaire sur internet qui parle de personnes influentes dans le milieu du Cafe Racer. Voici le teaser, on attend le film. 
Source Facebook Today is a good Day.
Today is a Good Day is a rich interactive story, an interactive road trip where you chose your destination from Los Angeles to Biarritz by way of London and so on. Town to town you will meet people felt in love with motorcycling and sharing the same spirit, droven by passion and involved in the 2 wheels landscape. We will offer you as well as possible the spirit and all things that fuel each of them, their inspirations, their authentic way of life influencing them daily in their jobs and relations. We’ll do our best to deliver a great painting of these motorcycle builders, painters, photographers, designers, blogers etc…. … we dare it in any case and hope it will be.
This film is an adventure, more, it’s a quest fed by passions and fulfilments of dreams, supported by guys like Roland Sands, Conrad Leach, Paul d’Orleans, Shinya Kimura, Olaf Stenegard, Derek Harris, Ornemental Conifer and many others with no lucky charm but who promised to themselves to become and stay free, whatever happens.
The world motorcycle movement feeds itself due to the multiple inspiration sources it’s made of. We all face many choices, we all have are own views or desires, and one idea shared can lead towards many different results. That the magical of motorcycling spirit. Let’s go !

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